the next day

I’m at school right now. So yesterday had its ups and downs. Did a little remote admin for Tres on Linux – got his USB mouse working in some beta version of Mandrake 9.0. That’s kinda neat, seeing as how I’ve never used anything USB in linux (and only once in win98, heh). Turns out he needed to do a

modprobe usbmouse

to get it working (usbmouse being the name of the driver). Then we just had to tell his computer to do that everytime.

vi /etc/modules

and adding


then a reboot and it worked perfectly. I was quite impressed with myself.

Chelle, Mollie, and I are going to D-Land in November, probably for the weekend of 15-17. That’s gonna be cool. She (Michelle) has apparently never been there – weird.

We’re (Chelle and I) going to a play at Grossmont tonight, I have (as usual, hehe) no idea what its about, or what its called. But I haven’t been disappointed with her movie/play decisions yet, so no worries. Actually… I recall something about a girl who got pregnant and these pre-lifers kidnap her and force her to have the baby instead of an abortion. I think. We’ll see.

Other than that, I think I’m going to reinstall Win98 tonight… I’m certainly due for it… I keep getting that bug where my Start button changes colors, pictures, etc… I’ll have to take a screenshot and post it sometime. After Win98, it’d be time to reinstall Source Mage Linux (hardcore time, again…) and then Mandrake. Eventually, I want to try Lycoris, and RedHat8, too.

Yes, I am a nerd.

By the way…. if anyone knows of someone trying to sell their old Mac let me know.

Time for class

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