Big day at PetCo

Sweet Jeebus, PetCo was busy today! Back to that in a minute, though.

So yeah. I think my math teacher is Dumb. From calling a square root a ‘squiggle’ to forgetting to add a “C” when taking an anti-derivative to making a test that she knew would take more than 90 minutes for a 50 minute class! I’ll admit, I’m no expert in the ways of Trig, Calculus, or math in general (hell, sometimes I have problems with addition/subtraction). And it could be worse… she’s not as dumb as Chris’ CS teacher. But all the same, I’ve had much better math teachers (I’d link to Ray Menegus’ website, but it isn’t much to brag about).

Didja catch that?

Anyway. So yeah. PetCo. I get there, and me and Mollie buy our stuff. A bag of dog food, bag of cat food, a treat for the chinchilla…. and a 50 gallon and 29 gallon aquarium (thats about 30 gallons more than we intended to get…) Yikes. “You saved $94 today!” No really, it was something like $94! Can’t wait to start a salt water tank with my 50… Mollie’s putting some feeder goldfish in the 29, maybe I can talk her into a betta or something for more color.

So anyways, it was crazy. Tons of people came for the grand reopening… and whats even better, the mean customers were few to none! There were one or two annoying ones, but even they seemed less annoying and in fewer number than usual.

Worked with just about everyone today, but I closed with Josh and Lindsay (sp?). Josh I’ve got pegged; he’s a great guy, and funny to boot (“Nice pants.”). Lindsay I’m still trying to figure out. I can usually make just about anyone laugh, but she barely cracks a smile. I’m trying to figure out if she just doesn’t show much in the way of emotions on the outside (maybe she’s not an expressive person?) or if she just finds me vaguely annoying…. oh well.

Well, its about 1:40ish… so I’m gonna hit the sack.

Night all

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