damn daylight savings.

Today was a pretty good day.

Lets see… where to start. Slept in pretty good… talked to mom and Lance for a while on the phone when I did get up (they’re all moving to Sacramento in a couple weeks… *sigh*). Anyways. Got up, walked Rascal in the rain for a while. Watched some TV for a while (there’s a Halloween series on TV) and then got ready for work.

Work was definitly a bit on the loony side again today (day 2 of our grand reopening sale), made all the more busy by the fact that I was working in Fish.

Not that I mind working in Fish anymore…. sometimes it can actually be quite refreshing. I do still wish there was a Bird department, though. Well, work was pretty fun, despite the fact that Juan doesn’t do a whole lot of work, and Leza was in a *really* bad mood today. I guess what made it better was that I got to know Lindsey (the actual spelling of her hame, as opposed to Lindsay) a little more. I even made her laugh! And she smiled for most of today.

She ended up buying an 80 gallon tank today (she wants a bigger tank for her snake). Problem is, these things are heavy as hell. No seriously. They’re fscking heavy. One person simply cannot lift one. So she asked me to help her with it to her house. Upstairs. Lindsey lives in a big fscking house, on top of a big fscking hill, way off deep in the heart of Horse-And-Rider-Crossing-Lakeside.

Aside – Chris, do you remember that one time we got lost in Lakeside and discovered that valley that neither of us had ever seen before in our lifetimes of living in SD? Yeah, she lives in there.

Where was I. Ah yes. (bah! my computer tells me its now 1 AM, when it was just 2 AM… damn daylight savings time…) So yeah. Get to Lindsey’s huge (they made it themselves) house – or should I say farm? It’s dark, but I distinctly hear at least one of each of the following: a goat, a cow, a horse, and some other creature whose sound I could not quite put a name to. And then the usual dogs, birds, and the reptiles all in her room.

So getting that tank into her house was a bitch. But her sense of humor definitly showed itself. I dunno, maybe it sounds like I’m obsessing or something. It’s just nice to know where you stand with people, and its always nicer to meet new people.

On that note.

Oh yeah. One more thing. CS220 is a pain in the ass, but one of the more interesting classes, I think. The assignments are retarded (and not really suited toward C… in the real world, they’d work much better as shell or Perl scripts) and often explained in an overly-complicated manner. No worries, though. It’s just a CS class. And by the by, your teacher is fscking lame.

Anyways… ni-ni.

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