fsck $D$U

Some people may know that I always seem to dream about PetCo. Is that pathetic? Well, maybe a little. But I have spent a large portion of the past 5 months of my life there…

Well, last night I actually had a nightmare about PetCo. There was me, Kaipo, Judy, Michelle, Victor, Lindsey, Mollie, (who apparently worked there) and…. Mike.

I guess we were expecting the FBI to come in and raid us, like it was load or something. Anyways, so somehow PetCo aquired a backyard, which we were all hiding in. Then the helicopters showed up, flashing spotlights on the yard and Victor stands up and yells, “There he is, he’s got drugs, he’s high all the time!” pointing at Mike. Meanwhile Kaipo is rushing the rest of us inside. She hands us each $2000 and a sample of Nutro and tells us to meet her at Disneyland in 3 days. So me, Michelle, and Mollie take off in my car and drive for Anaheim. We stop at a 7-11 and the cops question us about our Nutro. Apparently a shipment of Nutro had been stolen. While the cop goes back to report it in his squad car, we take off to some hotel in Anaheim, where Mollie and Michelle and I split up. I turn around to see mollie getting in line to buy her ticket to Disneyland with two men in black trenchcoats approaching her.

And that was the end. Have I ever mentioned that I have some really fscked up dreams?

So as I was driving to pick up Chris this morning in my usual half-sleeping daze, a cop car comes screaming up behind me at like 70 lights flashing. After that dream, you can imagine I woke up pretty damn fast at that point.

I think I’ve decided on a Halloween costume, though it’ll only be funny if I have to work that night (which I likely do). I’m thinking I want to dress up as a PETsMART employee. I still have to run it by the Powers That Be, of course… and then see if I can find a PETsMART employee willing to switch (or let me borrow) uniforms. We’ll just have to see how that pans out.

In other news… its apparently too late for me to transfer to San Marcos for the Spring semester. This is seriously not good. That changes a lot of plans. It seems like I hate SDSU more and more each day. If it’s not the mascot issue its the construction or the faculty or the students or the parking or the way I can’t walk two feet on campus without running into some idiot on talking on his cell phone, smoking a cigarette.

Maybe if I don’t hate SDSU more and more, I find fewer and fewer reasons to like it. Whats to like about a supremely overcrowded campus, where you have to crash every other class, even though the rooms are already filled to capacity (in some cases causing fire hazards)? Or how bout an Associated Student Body that ignores the opinions and votes of the students, and instead spends its time debating trivial things or passing legislation to make the school more Politically Correct or make changes that benefit them alone (such as building a brand new building that would only serve to house their meeting rooms – and raising tuition to pay for it). How bout a school President that does the same? A school newspaper that publishes articles designed to incite school Alumni and alienating millions of dollars in donation revenue that goes to useful things for the school? How about some of the most apathetic people I’ve ever met? Some students would just as soon spit on you as look at you.

The problem is SDSU isn’t a fscking school anymore, its just a business. A corporation without a soul that seeks only to gain more capital to continue funding itself into a greater mindshare and provide the Good Old Boy’s Club with more luxury and more guaranteed security after graduation. I can’t fathom why my tuition goes to pay for the Associated Students to have a $20K salary. Maybe that doesn’t sound like much, but why the fsck do they need salaries? Now I know why they try so hard to get (re-)elected.

Whatever. I’ve gotta go get ready to go to $D$U. I doubt I’ll learn anything. But I suppose thats not the point.

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