McCain in 2004

Heh, how did I know Chris was going to be the only person objecting to my latest entry…

Go ahead and skip this part if you aren’t interested. Look for the italics.

Anyways, Never intended to say that Republicans and Democrats are all slime, just that the vast majority of politicians seem to be. The Greens (and I believe the Libertarians) aren’t simply because thats the whole point of their existence. For example, the Green party doesn’t take money from corporations for funding – all of it comes from individuals. This leaves little room for corruption.

To be sure, there are some very highly esteemed Republicans and Democrats notably Senator of Arizona John McCain (a republican). There’s a man who I’d vote for. I even contributed to his presidential campaign in 2000. Also another senator, who’s name I’ll have to look up later.

As far as the mathematics of voting goes… I don’t look at it that way. I see myself supporting a 3rd party candidate for one or two reasons. 1) It’s a vote of conscience. 2) In the last presidential election, the Green Party played a huge role in who got elected. Millions of votes were taken from the democratic party (for the most part). This clearly means the Democrats aren’t Democratic enough for those millions of voters, so they chose the more democratic – the Greens. This should make the democrats become more intuned with what the Green Party wants – if they don’t want Bush for 4 more years, they ought to listen a little closer to win back some Green Party votes.

No offense taken, of course. Live and let live.

the rest of you can come back now

Sorry bout that. Anyways. The wide world of me…

is rotating fairly slow.

Baby Anthony was born a few days ago; the house is fairly quiet right now (the calm before the storm) with Justin, Kristal, and Jillian out of the house.

Apple has updated their laptop product line… the iBook and the PowerBook are insanely sweet deals right now. The PB even comes with a DVD-Burner – silliness!

Mom leaves to go to Sacramento in 2 more days… not sure when I’ll get a chance to go see them in their new house… hell… between work and school, I don’t even know if I’ll get to see her before she leaves.. if you see me looking sad, thats why. I guess Lance was talking about how it was cool that I was going to move to San Marcos, cuz that way I’d be closer to him… GG had to tell him that San Marcos is only about half an hour north of San Diego… he was disappointed

ok, i’m now crying in the middle of the computer lab, so i’m going to go

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