fragmental update

Zoo today.

Dead Ass Broke.

Math teacher grows more annoying daily.

Got another parking ticket from the Shittiest Place on Earth. Where getting yo’ learn on is like trying to find a glass of water in the !@#^ing Sahara. If I haven’t mentioned it lately, if my options were to choose between going to SDSU and taking classes on a Street Corner; I’d take the street corner.

If you have ever thought of going to SDSU seriously rethink it. It might be nice in 10 years, and it used to be nice… but it ain’t now.

The apartment search goes on. I really really hope we can take Tyler Durden with us. If we could take Rascal I would… but bringing a 50 lb Chow would seriously dampen our options. ;o(

15 days til Christmas. Crap. See my 2nd line. If you don’t get a christmas present from me this year, don’t take it personal. I still love you.

Program works perfectly now. Only a final left in CS and I’m done with that class.


8 days til LOTR:TT!!! Sweetness. Lance wants me to wait to see it with him! ACK! He won’t be home til after the 18th! Dilemma.

Math time. Then Biology at the Zoo. I’ll be home sometime after 5-6 I hope. Prolly have to fight traffic though… we’ll see.


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