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I’m Still Alive!

Yes, thats me, still living in the void. No Internet, no cable… not even phone! So for those of you wondering (or maybe not wondering…) I’m still around, just a tad bit further north than normal.

The apartment is looking great, even though not everything is unpacked yet… it already feels like… Home. A strange thing, that. Almost as strange as using a keyboard again.

Life feels different. It feels fresh. It’s like a new shirt, or a hot shower. Like all of my problems are in the past. Well, maybe not all of them… but like so many of them are so much smaller now. Everything up here just seems so much more rich. So full. There’s very few things that Mollie and I can find that we don’t like – far fewer than even I thought I would find.

This weekend, people should come visit us. Amber will be here on Sunday, but I have Saturday off, so people should try to come then, too.

If you need to get ahold of myself or Mollie, the only way currently is to call her Cell – which I won’t stay on for long because it gets bad reception and it eats up her minutes. But at least we can talk. I won’t post it on here, but you can get it from Tres if you need it. And if you know someone is trying to get ahold of one of us, please give them the number.

Anyways, I have to go sign up for my classes at Palomar now (I’m at CSUSM in their library), but I’ll try to come back and add more possibly tomorrow or the next day. I can’t wait to tell you about the 1337 Check of Doom.

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