Ok, so apparently my previous entry was not “good enough” for some people.

Not that I’d totally given up on this diary, mind you. I just have either had too much or too little to add lately.

I guess I’ll go ahead and sum up the larger points…

1) I gotta say this. Rock N Jenny’s FSCKIN 0wnz m3. For those of you ignorant thus far, Rock N Jenny’s is the coolest place in Escondido I’ve found. It’s this little restraunt right next to work (which I’ll get to in a moment.. ahem.) So anyways. Right next to work. I go there on my lunch break everyday. Yes, every day. Even if I’m not hungry or not buying anything I go there.

There’s a couple reasons for this… first, I don’t like being at work (again, I’ll get there)… second, there be some hotties workin up in there. Serious. And friendly, too. This girl Ami works there, and we talk a lot… I see her all the time at school. I think she might even be a nerd. But I digress. Where was I? Ah yes. Hot and friendlies. That sorta leads me to the next point; Jenny. No, not the namesake Jenny, just another Jenny that happens to work there. I’ve no idea how old she is… late 20’s early 30’s?

So Jenny is hella cool. She likes Fight Club. Has a shirt with a picture of Tyler Durden on it. Which is how we got to talking… she noticed on my nametag that I had a pet named Tyler Durden.

So anyways, Jenny is almost always there, and is someone who I can talk to about work or anything really. Which isn’t to say we’re the best of buds or anything, its just nice to have someone to talk to who seems to listen.

lets see…. oh… right. Work. Work Sucks.

I dunno. It’s just not the same. The people there aren’t as social. And even when they are, there simply isn’t time or oppurtunity to socialize. And Management is hella lame. They’re very anal about the store’s appearance. Sometimes even if that appearance makes it harder for the employees to do their jobs.. including maintaining the animals. Like using crushed coral instead of a sand bed for the salt water aquariums. I’m convinced that would solve a lot of our mysterious deaths we have. But no. “The coral looks better.” My ass.

So I’ve begun the search. I’m looking at a couple different places. More on that as it develops, of course.

School is… going… I’m thinking about dropping my CS class, actually. It’s not really teaching me anything, the teacher’s a dick, and I could really use a lower homework load.

Other than that, school is just school… but its not school, at least. No offense, of course. Just glad to be away from that.

On a happy note, I’ve just installed Slackware Linux 9.0rc1. And its lookin mighty sweet. It’s been too long since I’ve had Linux, and I sure as hell had a hard enough time getting it on this machine.

All-in-all though, I think I really am much happier than I have been in a long time. The independence I have now feels great. Even if I know I have to keep working to keep it. Maybe moreso because of that.

Well, I hope this fills a certain someone’s (who shall remain nameless) need for journaling. I think I’m gonna call it an entry for now.

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