Pizza geek fish girl.

Monkeys selling pizza; a new level of geekdom; an empty fish tank; and a girl named Melinda.

‘sbout it, really.


The monkeys you see, sell pizza. Yes, thats right. Monkeys that sell pizza. Good pizza at that. You wouldn’t think that monkeys would be all that great at making pizza but… well… you heard it here. Even Mollie liked the monkey pizza. No one else has actually seen these monkeys but me, but they’re there. They stand on the corner down the street with signs advertising their pizza. They’re purple, red, and green. And they wear little vests. They’re pretty ugly monkeys, to be honest. But still good pizza. Yeah, still good.



Version: 3.12

GCS/CM d- s:- a-- C++>$ UL++ P+ L++(+++)

!E W++ N w-- M>++ PS+(++) PE-(--) Y+ PGP

t 5- X R+(++) !tv b++ DI+ D- G e>++ h-- r(-) y--


Check it out. It’s pretty amusing. I think I might write a Geek Code interpreter in C++.

Tres and Tris also have Geek Codes, but you’ll have to check their AIM info’s for theirs.

I’m glad to say I’m running Slackware 9.0rc1 exclusively. I can’t wait til 9.0 final comes out, it must be really incredible if its as rock solid as this pre-release is. I might even donate to Slackware.


my saltwater tank finally has water in it! its actually running, with a filter on it and everything! Soon, I’ll put some liverock in it, then I’ll add some more livesand… then the molly’s go in. Then a pair of Percula clowns. Then I dunno. We’ll see from there.

I’m totally excited, and really, I can’t even put it into typed words. Mollie thinks I’m retarded. I guess she doesn’t realize this is what I’ve been waiting for for nearly 6 months! Oh well. I’m still excited.


So yeah. I’m dumb. I’m retarded. I met a girl. At work. Melinda. At first, I thought she hated me. For nearly two months she barely said more than a few words at a time to me. Then the other day we just started talking about work. About how much it fscking sucks, and about getting fired, and, and, and, and. Two weeks ago I couldn’t have heard this girl’s voice in my head, but now I can hear her laughing and saying how lame that last attempt at a joke was, as she takes another drink from her never ending supply of water bottles. I could only vaguely describe the way she looks, and now I notice when she looks like she’s ready to put her glasses on by the way she starts squinting.

She’s shy and quiet. It takes a while for her to open up. I get the impression she has friends, but not many. She doesn’t go out much, except with her friends and to certain places. She loves animals. She hates working on Saturday, cuz the vet comes in and gives shots to dogs and cats – hearing that in the background all day can be quite sad at times. But she wishes more people would come. She hates it when people don’t care that they’re killing their animals, and is so happy when people seem to know what the right thing to do is. She’s really nice, but often misunderstood. People mistake her quiet nature as being aloof. She’s a self-proclaimed innocent. She’s cute; she has a great smile. She drinks way too much water. She makes me want to relearn Hebrew, even though she’s not jewish.

And I’m so totally crazy. Someone needs to smack me and tell me there ain’t a chance in hell.

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