bill.sick == lame;

Bein sick is lame. ‘Course, I probably shouldn’t be drinking chocolate milk, I doubt that’ll help my runny-but-at-the-same-time-stuffed-up nose. Or my I-need-to-cough-every-other-minute problem.

In other news. Got sound working on my onboard nForce2 board. Sweet. Doesn’t sound bad at all either. Onboard sound typically sucks, but I think this is ok. It doesn’t even skip or stutter when I’m doing lots of other stuff in the background (copying files from CD, compiling huge programs)

“Edwin McCain – I’ll Be” just came on my playlist… *sigh*. Always makes me think of Christine. Better than Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”. I can’t listen to that without getting sad anymore.

Anyways. Also got the second onboard network card working. This motherboard is a pretty sweet little setup. Next step is setting up 3D graphics on my GeForce4. I love Slackware. It 0wnz m3… And yet, I 0wnz it. It doesn’t hold my hand, and it doesn’t get in the way. It gives me a clean base to tweak to my enjoyment. It actually lets/makes me learn.

I’ve been considering hosting this webpage on my own computer, lately. Still not sure how difficult it would be. I probably get less than 4 hits a day, so it couldn’t be too bad, right? Right? Well, at least I’d be able to host my own pictures and files. And mess with the code. That last one is a big selling point.

I think in the next couple days I may make a trip to a local Buddhist Monastery. Not that I’m thinking about multi-classing to Monk mind you. It’s just this guy came in a few weeks ago, talking about a Monastery. He was looking for large fish for the Monastery’s pond. So he’s tellin me all about this place… Deer Park Monastery… its peaceful and quiet, and tucked away from the city. Sounds nice. Reminds me of Mt. Helix. So I think I’ll go check it out. They have a website. I think Melinda and I may go up there sometime soon.

Speaking of Melinda, she almost read this the other night. I said I didn’t mind, but she said she didn’t want to pry. I wanted to tell her to go ahead and read it, but I was still a little wierded out by the idea. I mean, she is more than welcome to read it… its just… I don’t know that I’m ready to bring it to her attention just yet. Heh. I dunno what I’m saying.

I think I just need to say that I spend time with her because I like spending time with her. No alterior motives; she’s a friendly face and an open ear. She’s a good friend, and anything else is entirely secondary.

You left me last summer. Is there something I forgot to say? Now I’m left here to suffer. Do you feel the same way? Cuz now I’ve found out, that I can’t make it here on my own. So tell me, when did I lose control?

It’s been too long without tunes on the comp. I’ve missed my Local Punk Bands. o0o0o0o. Looks like FON is coming out with a new CD soon. Good times.

Yeah. Totally my bedtime. Gonna go read myself to sleep.

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