Vanilla Pudding

Well, its definitly April now.

You all know what that means. Peeps. [1] [2]. Yeah. Those wretched things are back. *shudder*

Then of course, there was today. I woke up an hour and ten minutes before work and then realized I had to be at work in ten minutes. Accursed daylight savings time. A pox on you Benjamin Franklin, or whoever thought a measly extra hour of daylight would be that useful.

In other news, I ate entirely too much Vanilla Pudding. It could have been worse, for sure, but the amount I ate was definitly no good. Of course, Tyler had some too. *rolls eyes*.

On the positive side, I’ve officially procrastinated my english paper by another day.

Oh! Hey, that girl that works in grooming at work actually talked to me today! It was amazing! I think her name is Michelle. Or Margaret. Or… well.. it starts with an “M” and isn’t “Melinda”. She doesn’t wear a nametag – I’m pretty sure its Michelle. I seem to know a lot of those. Anyway, so I was in Fish, and I looked over and saw her coming, and thought – like I always do when I see her – about how she never talks to me. Or really, it seems, to anyone. She’s kinda cute, or at least, I could see how a guy would definitly say she’s cute. So she’s walking over. She’s got a big stack of folded towels in her arms. She looks at me, we make eye contact and she looks away. I hate that. Why do people always try to avoid eye contact? Sometimes I think its the way I look at people. I typically look them in the eye, especially if I have just met them. I guess that makes most people uncomfortable. I just like looking at people’s eyes. I think the eyes are the most attractive part of a person. But I digress. And her eyes were looking anywhere but at me. But she was still walking toward me. She wasn’t smilling, but then I’d never seen her smile, really. Some people never smile, either. That bugs me a lot too. But she was walking straight toward me. “What does she want,” I wondered. Finally she reached the counter. I looked up at her from wiping the counter. She looked at me again, and looked away. Then she left the stack of folded towels on the counter, turned around and walked the other way. “Thanks,” I called after her. “Welcome,” she mumbled without turning around.

How ’bout that, eh? /me rolls his eyes. Why do some people just make zero effort to be friendly? I don’t mean making friends, I mean being friendly As if it were so much effort.

Oh well. It’s spring time. Bunny Day is only like 13 days away. Not that I get excited much over Bunny Day, mind you. But I do love painting Easter eggs and hiding/finding them. Especially painting them. Every year I make the ugliest Easter eggs I can. It’s good times. One time I made one that actually looked like a rock. It was great.

Oh, and the other counter. It’s been approximately 34 entries of mine since Tres has updated his diary. I had no idea he was so profoundly patriotic, but this past Veterans Day must have left him truly speechless. Well, its 12:30 now (accounting for Daylight Stupid Time), so I’ll call it a night.

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