Interesting turn of events.

So I got two tickets, right? Well, the first ticket had to be taken care of by June 17th. Thats today. The second ticket I never even checked the date on it, I figured it was after the first. I was, apparently, mistaken. It was due June 4th. Normally, this would have been a very bad thing, and there would in fact be a warrant out for my arrest. But when I went to the courthouse yesterday, the clerk told me there was never any ticket filed. Officers have up to a year to file a ticket, but generally if they don’t do it in the first month or two, they don’t bother, she says.

So….. I may or may not have to pay the 2nd ticket. But either way, its out of my hands at this point. The other one I got a continuation on until July 17th. So if I go to traffic school for that one, neither will appear on my record. So thats nice. Gotta go to work now, later.

helpless girl in the middle?

Angela. Totally need to talk to you. I thought you had a website at one point? Anyway, call me…

Had killer day/night. Tres’ Grad Party at Green Valley Falls, then Denny’s with Angela, Kerry, Tres, Tim, Tom, Mollie, and a bit later, Chris.

Didn’t go to GG’s for tco night. Felt kinda bad, but totally had more fun doing what I did. I’ll make it up to them another time.

Met a non-cousin I’d apparently met before. Crazy.

Anyway, Tres n Tim are over, and I think we’re all ready for bed, so gnite


I want a “0wnz0r Bitches” poster.

“Carrot Cake Soup is like the taste of watching girls make out.” – Tycho

Penny Arcade fscking 0wnz j00 4ll.

‘nuf said.

Ever have a dream where you get so mad at someone for something they did in the dream, and then you wake up, and you’re still all pissed off at them cuz of what they did, only, over the course of the morning, you realize that they didn’t really do it, its not their fault?

Uhh.. yeah, me neither.

diary what now?

Wow. So whats this shit about the servers being overloaded all about? Somebodies software isn’t scaling properly…. All the more reason I should get DSL! Well, except not right now, cuz we may be moving in a couple months, and DSL contracts typically last a year… Which sucks though, cuz DSL around here is spec-fucking-tacular. We’re talking orgasmic. And if I had DSL, I could host my own little webblog dealie.

So anyways. Here we are. *bloggity bloggity*.

Whats that? Where have I been? Oh. Well, you know. Here and there. There was that week I had SARS, followed shortly by the week that Mollie had SARS and actually wound up in the hospital twice… All this before school was even over, so we can go ahead and add last minute school crap to that.


So my dad told me the other day that he wants to set up a Linux box. Says he’s gonna learn perl. Interesting. Wonder what distro he’ll choose.

Oh yeah. If you ever have to take an english class, don’t hestitate to take it with Leanne Maunu. Best English Teacher I’ve had since ‘the Frogg’. Totally let me turn in my paper 3 weeks after it was due (not to mention 5 days after finals). Too bad she’s not teaching anything I’m taking next semester. Oh yeah, bombed the shit outta Calc 2 final. Probably failed that class bigtime.

Apartment is looking nice. I guess thats why we’re moving. Where have I seen this pattern before……. hmm…..

Oh! Big news! We got a new kitten! Well, we got him like three weeks ago, but he’s still kinda new. He’s like Tyler! Accept he doesn’t look anything like him. Really, he just sorta acts like Tyler. Accept Tyler doesn’t act like Tyler much anymore. He calmed down a lot when we got little Kal’El here. Maybe he’s trying to set a good example.

We got more fish, too. Tanks lookin pretty nice. In a few weeks I’m gonna get a pair of glass tops for the 50 gallon and two pair of clownfish. One pair will be two false percula clowns (A. Ocellaris). And the others will be two black false percula clowns (A. Ocellaris). The black ones are a lot more rare, but not really much more expensive. Mollie has talked me out of Live Rock until we move. I dunno… something about 100 lbs of rock covered in living thigns being hard to move down a flight of stairs and across town…

On the phone, now. Bye.