Taking it with me to work

Damn you Orson Scott Card! Ender’s Game was fantastic, with such a superb ending… and now the sequel, Speaker For The Dead makes me want to go out and found my own religion! Curse you for keeping me up until nearly 4 in the morning reading! I’ve never seen two books by the same author, in the same series that are so completely different from each other. I find myself wondering, is Jane friend or foe? Is she helping Ender? Or just using him? And the Hive-Queen? Are the Buggers really sorry for what they did, and merely wish to live in peace? Or are they manipulating Ender; guilting a child into raising them into a position of power? And what about the Piggies? What was it that Pipo and Libo did? I must say though, I did predict that Ender would become at once the most hated and the most beloved person in the universe for his crimes and his attempts at salvation.

These be some damn good books.

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