a long day

I’m at dad’s. San Diego is a giant furnace. I don’t know if chris has been evac’d or not, I tried his cell, which got me to a voicemail. Tres and Kyle are safely in Julian at Kyle’s parents house. Mollie and Thorin are staying the night at her aunts near Camp Pendleton. Anyway, all my family (and the cats and the rat) is ok, I hope you can say the same for yours.

Chelle. I got your email. It meant a lot to me. I know you live in poway… I hope your family is doing ok. I’ll email or call you later. I seriously didn’t mean to come off like a dick but I missed the friendship we had. I actually had assumed you moved to Chicago, just based on your last diary entry.

I’m tired. I had a long worryful day. I’ll be here for most of tomorrow, I’m sure. For now I’m just going to spend some time with my dad, and enjoy the company.


new ibook.

“It comes in G4’s?”


“I’m getting one!”

Seriously. I want the 14″ one. No. I don’t want a powerbook. They’re too big and too heavy, and ugly to boot. I know, its weird. Me saying I don’t want the more power-user computer. But frankly I have to say that the ibook would be a perfect laptop for me. Especially with a G4. I mean, I wanted one before, but was a little put off by the G3, especially once the G5 came out. That and they didn’t have Quartz Extreme (at least, I’m pretty sure) QE is this neat thing that sends all of the OS GUI/rendering tasks to the video card CPU (called a GPU), instead of the system CPU. Why do this? Well, unless you’re playing a game, chances are your video card is doing very little work, and your CPU doing everything else. QE takes some of the load off the CPU, by passing along all the graphics processing to the video card… which should result in an overall speed increase. Well, now they have QE. Not to mention with OS X.3 you get a lot of other cool shit like Expose, a whole programming/development suite called XCode, and rendezvous.

XCode itself is a brilliant piece of programming… supports multiple programming languages (C, C++, Java, Obj. C, more), a drag and drop GUI builder (like Visual Basic), pre-compiles your code in the background for quick testing, and can be setup to do all of this over a network of rendezvous enabled computers. All built around free software, specifically gcc, linux’s primary compiler.

If that wasn’t enough cool shit, most free software (99% of the stuff used on linux) will work on OSX.

Oh yeah, and the apartment is now wireless. So I could use the laptop (or amber could use hers for that matter) anywhere without any cords.

And $100 off cuz I’m a student.

Anyways… enough about that. We’ll leave it at: All I want for christmas and my birthday.

What else is going on? Well, Savannah’s leaving on the 4th. Sad, sad, sad freaking day. Not really feelin like talkin about that.

perl is going well, I keep learning new stuff, which is nice. But we still haven’t started CGI yet, which is what I’m really looking forward to.

Saw Truman Show yesterday. Pretty good stuff there.

at some point in the next couple days I plan to do the reformat reinstall jig… Slack9.1, Win98, Win2k, Syllable… 80 gig hard drive, we’ll probably go 15 each windows, 30 linux, 5 Syllable, 15 or so mp3 (probably on a FAT32 drive, so that all the OSes can see it).

And yeah.


was just reading over an old diary:

dated Dec 10, 2002:

My last day at PETCO is the 19th.


So, all in all.. I’m not sad to be leaving PETCO. I’ll miss a lot of the people I work with. I know I’ll keep in touch with Bill and Mollie.. we’ve formed a friendship that goes beyond the confines of PETCO.

December 19th was the last day I talked to her for like, I dunno, 2 months or something. Just disappeared off the face of the planet. Then, after that 2 months, I invited her over for a hang out a the new apartment, which was a whopping 10 minute drive from her new apartment, and was turned down. More than once. And that was the last I heard from her. So, I’d just like to say screw you and your ‘friendship that goes beyond the confines of PETCO’. Thanks. Thats all. :o)


[edit] That sounded more bitter than it needed to. Yeah, I’m pissed about it, but I’m not *still* pissed about it. I just noticed the link, read some old entries and realized that I never included that rant. Right now the only thing that sucks in my life is that my brand new girlfriend is moving to North Carolina in just under two weeks.

New home, new page.

So I sit here. And I sit some more. Thinking. Wondering. For those of you not in ‘the know’, I met a girl. Well, thats actually not entirely accurate. See, I met the girl a while ago… waay back… well, I don’t remember exactly when, but it was after I started working at the Petco in Escondido. We’ll call it 8 months.

Anyway, Savannah had a crush on me for a while, though I was still in Melinda-land. And when I wasn’t in Melinda-land I wasn’t really looking. Well, Melinda-land seems so far in the past now, even though it was really only like a month ago when I told her I liked her. She of course, did not reciprocate said feelings. Which is ok. Really, I was very upset at the time, but it was mostly due to feeling like I made a fool of myself.

Fast forward a bit. About two weeks ago. Savannah comes into Petco a lot still, even though she doesn’t work there. She always comes to see me, too. She still likes me. So she comes in:

“Hey, you, how you doin?”

“I’m good. I turn 18 in a week! And I’m moving to North Carolina in a few weeks.”

“Wow. Finally turning 18? Have you made plans yet?”

“No, none of the people I live with have made any plans or anything…”

And so the gears started turning. At first it was just a “well, that kinda sucks, who wants to be alone with nothing to do on their 18th bday party? I’ll take her out and we’ll at least have fun”. So I got her number. We talked on the phone for like an hour, then I got her screen name. We’ve talked both on the phone and online every day since.

And then one amazing wednesday, I picked her up, and brought her back here. We talked. We kissed. We laughed. We made love. It was nothing like what I’d thought it would be. It wasn’t some horny, mad, erotic thing… it was… just… fun. All the more so because I had no idea what I was doing, and we were just so totally into each other. And after a while, we just sorta laid back, talking, laughing, holding each other.

I beat Timmy.

There’s nothin up top but a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds.

You see a lot up there but don’t be scared, who needs actions when you’ve got words?

So. I beat Timmy. If you didn’t catch the significance of that, more on it later, as I now have to go to work.