Merry New Years Eve Eve Eve

I’ve spent the past couple nights hanging out with Timmmmmmay since he’s spending the week with us… there’s been a couple really weird things in the past couple days… yeah… weird.

So there’s this show, late at night on Fox. It’s called “Cheaters”. Basically, its a show about a detective agency. This agency is contacted by people who believe that their Significant Others are cheating on them. The Detectives then proceed to follow and video tape the ‘suspect’. They then present the evidence to the person who contacted them, and offer to help confront the Cheater. This usually ends in lots of swearing and flying fists. Pretty jacked up show, all in all.

Then there’s this other show, Wildboyz, done by two of the guys from Jackass. Yeah, its Jackass with animals. These guys do stupid stuff in front of dangerous animals. One of them hit himself in the forehead with a boomerang.

Samurai Jack is another very… odd… show. Kyle seems to swear by it, but I can’t quite see the concept of it myself. It seems to me to be the most random show I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

Angela came over a couple nights ago, that was pretty fun. Hopefully she’ll be coming back for New Years Eve.

So I’ve tweaked my Mac OSX install a bit, and done some fun networking stuff. For example, I connected to my Linux computer in my bedroom wirelessly and ran my email program, Evolution, to check my email. It was a beautiful thing. Then I set it up so that I can do the same thing from my laptop, anywhere I have an internet connection. I could have always done this in linux, but Mac OSX makes it so incredibly stupid easy.

I’ve also installed TigerLaunch, Exult, FetchArt and iLyric, Camino, Mozilla, and Firebird (in addition to the already installed Safari … I removed MacIE, it was the first thing I did.), X-Chat Aqua, and, of course, XCode.

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