I could post the entire song…

Can I mix in with your affairs

Share a smoke, make a joke;

Grasp and reach for a leg of hope.

Words to memorize; words hypnotize

Words make my mouth excercise

Word all failed the magic prize;

nothin I can say when I’m in your thighs.

Oh my, my, my, my mother;

I would love to love you lover.

The city is restless, its ready to pounce;

Here in your bedroom ounce for ounce

Yay, its New Years Eve!

I love my ibook. As I’ve told a few people, I haven’t used my main computer but 3 times.

Once to get my router to work with Apple’s Airport. The second time to get my linux machine to accept incoming logins from other computers. And then tonight to play Age of Wonders (which only half counts, since I was playing with my ibook simultaneously. And thanks to Melinda, I gota new mouse, gamepad and mousepad for it, so now I can right click and play Tony Hawk 4! If you’ve ever blown off macs before you seriously need to stop and take another look. Mac OSX blows my mind. For gods sake, installing a program involves dragging an icon from one folder to another! The only step up would be NeXT’s “fat” binaries which would run on 4 different architectures… which probably has something to do with the fact that OSX heavily draws on NeXT.

Angela, where for id j00? Are you coming? It’s gonna be the lamest uncoolest party in town! j00 gotta be there!

I’ve been having fun hanging out with Tim lately. He’s a fun guy.

Chris won’t be there. Sad Day. When shall he learn that Phoenix blowz? Ah well.

Kyle makes me wonder sometimes. When he first moved in, he was going to be getting a job fairly soon, and start paying rent. Maybe not an equal share, but a significant portion. Now, two months later, he’s put up about $100 total, and…. well… nevermind.

Mollie told me today that she thinks she’ll want to move back to Chicago. Not anytime soon… not even in the next year or two she says. But still, it makes me want to cry. I’m not hurt, or offended… but… well… it sucks. When all of my family started moving away from SD, it was lame, but it was ok. Now, it looks like most of them won’t even be in San Diego at the end of summer, I just don’t know anymore. I mean, this is my roommate we’re talking about. The one who took those crazy first steps with me out into the great big yonder. My original partner, with whom I faced down my entire family and said, “no, moving out isn’t a bad idea, in fact, its the best idea”. I honestly have no idea what I would have done without her this past year and a half, especially the past year. For the longest time, it seemed like all we had was each other, at least to me. She was someone I could depend on. And nothing personal, but Tres and Kyle don’t quite fit that shoe. They’re great guys, but I can’t count on them to make me take tylenol when I’m burning a fever and a migraine, half passed out on the floor. Or to bring me lunch when I’m literally feeling sick to my stomach cuz I’m hungry. Or when I’ve just gotten my second speeding ticket in two days, and am crying my eyes out, swearing that I’ll be the cause of us living on the streets yet, just you wait. Even though she has Thorin now, and needs me much less, I still wonder how she’d do without me completely. Would she do alright? I’m not so self-absorbed to think that I make a huge difference in her life, but I know I’ve made some. I was the one who got her to a doctor, for better or for worse when she was passing out. And the one who called in sick for her on more than one occasion. And… well… there’s not enough space on Diaryland’s hard drives for me to document our entire history… suffice it to say that her moving back to Chicago would leave nothing less than a gaping hole in my life, a life which already has its share of holes.

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