jesus, just use mozilla.


up to about 270 lines with dbot. I’m sorta stuck but not really at one part. See, I could make it work, but not the way I want it to.

The problem arises from perl’s lack of a builtin Switch statement. This gaping hole left me dumbfounded, as perl has every other single weird statement or operator you can think of. C’s printf? Yup. The Bitwise operator &? Yup. Every single Regexp operator ever…. Hell, it’s even got Java’s crazy fucked up trinary operator, ( IF ? THEN : ELSE ). Which as far as I know, makes them the only two languages that have it…

Anyways, a switch statement is like an if statement on crack.

basically, it works like this:

Nevermind. I wrote an entire lecture on the switch statement before I realized exactly 0 people will care to read it.

Anyways. In other news, chris is a freakin fucktard. For years I’ve been recommending mozilla to anyone who would listen. Especially if they ever complained about popups. If you hate popups, there is simply no reason at all to be using Internet Explorer. One must actually hate oneself to continue that behavior. Then add to that tabbed browsing, java/flash whitelisting, and not being vulnerable to every new bug found.

Like this latest one. Latest pair, rather. You can create a hyperlink such that it looks like one thing, but leads you somewhere else.

For example, this link takes you to your bank:

This one, however, takes you to the washington mutual that some account info stealing black hat rigged up (actually, I just told it to send you to google instead):

I don’t see why there isn’t mass hysteria about this? And if you’re saying “well, I’ll just read the URL” you’re not thinking. When I log on to my bank, I get a huge URL. Now try some site like ebay, its all gobbldygoop!

And this is just one possibility, someone can also use this bug to:

link to C:concon (this will automatically crash any windows 95 or 98 box.

link to a website that has javascript or activeX code which runs automatically and could potentially break your computer

link to (unlinked to protect the innocent.

Worst of all is Microsoft’s response to this! Just type it!

Quote: The most effective step that you can take to help protect yourself from malicious hyperlinks is not to click them. Rather, type the URL of your intended destination in the address bar yourself. By manually typing the URL in the address bar, you can verify the information that Internet Explorer uses to access the destination Web site. To do so, type the URL in the Address bar, and then press ENTER.

The whole point of the internet using hyperlinks is so that you don’t have to type shit like: “ 1&from=R8&MfcISAPICommand=GetResult&ht=1&So rtProperty=MetaEndSort&query=frfogs”

Anyways. My point is there’s absolutely zero reason to still be using internet explorer at home. At work, ok, maybe your boss doesn’t have a clue. But at home, if you are at all familiar with the computer industry, you should know to avoid IE at all costs.

Just use mozilla. Go. Download 1.6 or whatever is the most recent version. Play with it for a while, give it a week. If you don’t like it by the end of the first week, I can recommend other browsers that also aren’t Internet Explorer.

the dbot is mine

dude. regexps are at once the coolest and hardest thing I’ve learned in all my programming experience.

I mean, being able to do: /(^-?d+)/

to search a variable for any string that: “Starts with 1 or 0 “-“s, followed immediately by 1 or more “0-9″s” and then storing that result in another variable without changing the first variable all in one bloody line of code is freakin cool.

oh yeah. for those not in the know, I’m in the process of rewriting dicebot, our irc program that comes in and rolls all of our dice for us while we’re playing dnd online.

Two reasons I’m doing this:

1) currently, you have to run it through mIRC. Which means you have to be running windows to run it. Screw that shit. For the longest time I just had someone else fire up dicebot, but thats lame.

2) it can only do the simplest of math. Yeah, thats not its main function (rolling dice, which it does pretty well.) but dammit, it should be able to add a string of numbers together, not just two. And it should be able to at least multiply.

And as of right now I have all of the logic part of the dicerolling part of the program done. Meaning it rolls its dice properly, adds the dice up properly (handling negatives), and displays the results properly and identically to the way dicebot does it.

With one exception… which leads me to reason the third

3) I can add extra bits to this bot very easily, like when you roll a d20+2, and get a 22, it will put underscores around the number, showing that it was a natural 20. Can be useful.

But I can add other cool features. Like say you did just roll that natural 20. I can get it to watch your next input and if you typed say “crit” it will reroll and see if you got a crit. Or other things. Anyway, back to coding.

its sad, really.

I’ve determined that I have too many freaking hobbies.

I’m simultaneously trying to reread Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series; write no less than three differnt programs; create a new webpage to replace this one; maintain my various fish tanks; create a character class for 3rd Edition D&D; hone my Starcraft skills; import my photo library into iPhoto; rename, recatalogue, and retag my fair-sized mp3 collection (whilst downloading more music mind you)… I’m sure I’m leaving one or two out.

Wow. Upon rereading this, I’m truly one pathetic fscking nerd. Damn.

Hey, when are we gonna fscking game again? We didn’t game at all this winter, and I’m disappointed.

someday, it won’t be diaryland

Man, this movie sucks.

Like… well… not as bad as, say, other movies.

So my friend michelle visited me at work today! I was just helping some customer, looked up, then all the sudden there’s a Michelle standing there, lookin back. I totally did one of those classic double takes. Oh, btw, it wasn’t that michelle. It was Michelle from work. Errr… Ummm… Well, they’re both from work, I guess. She’s the one from Escondido who goes to APU.

Work today was fsckin crazy. It was soooo busy.

So one, two three, take my hand and come with me;

Because you look so fine, and I really wanna make you mine.

I say you look so fine, and I really wanna make you mine.

books are expensive.

So… freaking… tired.

I had a long day today. My shift was 11-7, but I managed to work about 8 and a half hours. Nearly all of it was spent in the back room behind the aquariums, throwing shit away, cleaning up, and hefting 50 lb bags of salt and gravel around. On the plus side, its looking not too bad back there, and I think it only needs a couple more hours of work to be damn near usable. Of course, thats not including all those stupid forms and paperwork that somehow have managed to turn my department’s storage (and what should be a hospital area) into the worlds most dangerous file-cabinet-without-the-cabinet.

There’s all kinds of weird shit back there too. I was throwing away shattered heaters, pumps split down the middle, random bits of PVC piping, old notes written on yellow tags with such useful information as “this one works, just needs new impeller” in a box of nasty, dirty powerheads.

Expose is fun. I find myself opening a bunch of random windows just so I can watch them flitter all about the screen.

In other news…

Savannah and I are officially broken up now. She called me yesterday for the first time since a few weeks before christmas. I just told her its not working. I wouldn’t mind being her friend, but to expect more than that is too much. I was kinda bummed. Not because I didn’t want to do it, cuz I did. I don’t know why I was. Maybe I just had some hope that things would have worked out better. Oh well.

Really, I was over it about a month and a half ago.

So if you know of any really nice, single ~20 [+-]2 year olds…. ;o)

Meanwhile, I go bed.

why the hell am I up so early?

Let’s hear it for getting iTunes encoding ogg properly! I’m now ripping my CD’s in full 160 kbps yummy ogg goodness! Fiona Apple sounds even better when she’s open source!

So if I haven’t mentioned it yet, Melinda got me a gift certificate to Fry’s so I got a mouse, a mousepad, and a gamepad! And thank g0d`. Cuz as nice as it is for laptops to have a builtin trackpad (as opposed to a nipple-thing) it… well.. sucks. I’ve noticed I have this unfortunate habit of randomly tapping my thumb (sometimes even while typing) on the area right in front of the spacebar on all keyboards. That unfortunately leads to many a fscked up sentence or random application switching.

So yeah. If I haven’t mentioned that I like my mouse, I… well… do.