So I went to bed last night, dreading the next few days. I was tired, sad, and afraid I’d find him the next day on the street. As you can see, not overly optimistic. Tyler came in, and curled up next to me while I pet him… he was actually purring. I finally turned out the lights, and went to sleep.

Tyler woke me up every hour or so, wailing at either the front door or the patio, or sometimes my window. Each time I got up and looked around, I couldn’t find him. At one point in the night I thought about leaving the front door open and locking Tyler in Tres’ room. I was about to actually do that when I fell asleep again. Then I woke up. Tyler was whining by the front door, but then I heard another whine from my window.

It was all quite dramatic. I knew that whine. I ran to the front door, and called his name and sure enough he came out from the bushes and into the open front door, meowing.

And what was the first thing he did? He went straight to his litter box.

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