why the hell am I up so early?

Let’s hear it for getting iTunes encoding ogg properly! I’m now ripping my CD’s in full 160 kbps yummy ogg goodness! Fiona Apple sounds even better when she’s open source!

So if I haven’t mentioned it yet, Melinda got me a gift certificate to Fry’s so I got a mouse, a mousepad, and a gamepad! And thank g0d`. Cuz as nice as it is for laptops to have a builtin trackpad (as opposed to a nipple-thing) it… well.. sucks. I’ve noticed I have this unfortunate habit of randomly tapping my thumb (sometimes even while typing) on the area right in front of the spacebar on all keyboards. That unfortunately leads to many a fscked up sentence or random application switching.

So yeah. If I haven’t mentioned that I like my mouse, I… well… do.

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