books are expensive.

So… freaking… tired.

I had a long day today. My shift was 11-7, but I managed to work about 8 and a half hours. Nearly all of it was spent in the back room behind the aquariums, throwing shit away, cleaning up, and hefting 50 lb bags of salt and gravel around. On the plus side, its looking not too bad back there, and I think it only needs a couple more hours of work to be damn near usable. Of course, thats not including all those stupid forms and paperwork that somehow have managed to turn my department’s storage (and what should be a hospital area) into the worlds most dangerous file-cabinet-without-the-cabinet.

There’s all kinds of weird shit back there too. I was throwing away shattered heaters, pumps split down the middle, random bits of PVC piping, old notes written on yellow tags with such useful information as “this one works, just needs new impeller” in a box of nasty, dirty powerheads.

Expose is fun. I find myself opening a bunch of random windows just so I can watch them flitter all about the screen.

In other news…

Savannah and I are officially broken up now. She called me yesterday for the first time since a few weeks before christmas. I just told her its not working. I wouldn’t mind being her friend, but to expect more than that is too much. I was kinda bummed. Not because I didn’t want to do it, cuz I did. I don’t know why I was. Maybe I just had some hope that things would have worked out better. Oh well.

Really, I was over it about a month and a half ago.

So if you know of any really nice, single ~20 [+-]2 year olds…. ;o)

Meanwhile, I go bed.

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