moving is teh sux0rz

The best thing about being a teacher is that you get to reuse old jokes… over and over.

Not much new here. We have a dog. I’ll try to get pics soon… She’s a Brittany Spaniel that mollie watched get hit by a car and took to the vet and… its a long story.

Do you want a fish tank? If so, let me know. I’ve been considering lightening my fish load.

So I sit here on my linux box and I realize… wow. As much as I love my laptop…. as much as I love OSX and how everything works together… I still love Linux. It might not have that ‘everything works together’ feel that OSX has… but its all the little things that make it such a joy to work with.

KDE’s kioslaves(!!!!), gaim (is a much better client than any I’ve used on any OS), kate is the best text editor around for programming (I’ve used BBEdit for about a month, it sucks.), Konsole (way better than iTerm,, or GLTerm), evolution and kmail (the two best mail clients I’ve used) well shit, Kontact (kmail++) seems to be quite the shit itself, and of course there’s the gimp.

to give OSX its fair share of time, I love expose, the way that iTunes makes id3 tags actually useful and desirable, the previously mentioned integration (“click here to IM this contact” from your mail program), the way shit Just Works ™, how its Unix, so I can run almost all of my linux shit on it

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