life on nordahl

So. In case you didn’t know, I moved. New home, new frontpage!

So much shit has happened in the past two weeks….

  • getting stuck with only Mollie and I to move our entire apartment to the new apartment starting at 10 pm, going til 5 am in the rain the entire time

  • not finishing it until the next day costings us an extra $50 for the uhaul

  • needing to come up with $700 in 24 hours

  • mollie getting in an accident and having her front bumper torn off

  • not having the proper key to the front door of the new place for 3 days

  • mollie’s car being deemed unworth fixing by the insurance company so we had to put everything in her car in a box in my car

  • having my car broken into and the aforementioned box (which includes account information, SSN’s, checkbooks, textbooks, and lots of her sentimental things), my car reg/insurance info, and my dad’s christmas present from thinkgeek all stolen

  • taking mollie to an urgent care center at 2 in the morning

  • Tyler managing to open our screen door and get out … thankfully coming back a few hours later.

I think we’ll just leave our first post of this page at that.

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