more pleasant thoughts.

Ah. Since my previous post was so full of unhappiness, I figured I’d add in some good stuff.

  • only one fish died in the move (which is pretty impressive)

  • I found out how to get my iBook’s airport dhcp working after having it sleep. turns out I told it to check the modem for an internet connection before airport, so turning off the internal modem made it work

  • a big thank you to those of you who helped us pack. as long as it took us to move, it would have been even longer without your help. Chris, you totally stepped up and helped out… me and mollie are totally thankful for your help.

  • I have tons of plans for the new apartment… involving wireless connections, and Computer-TV-mp3 jukeboxes. :oD

  • there’s probably more, but I’m getting tired of sitting in my unix class doing stuff I could be doing at home, so thats all for now.

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