random quotes column, indeed!

Oh sweet g0d` no! Please, please, please don’t let BioWare be bought by Microsoft. As long as it took for Neverwinter Nights to make it to Mac and Linux, I more than appreciate it being available on both :o( And I know that if MS has their way, the words ‘multi’ and ‘platform’ will only be used in reference to Windows XP and the next XBox within the great halls of BioWare.

Le sigh. I was going to make an entry a la Chris’ hailing all of my fondest gaming memories, but for now the topic saddens me.

The reason for the continued lack of entries recently has been mostly due to time…. if I’m not working or doing school assignments I’m trying to relax or work on a quiet project.

That last is something I’m pretty interested in right now. I never knew CSS would be as easy to pick up as it is, or how easy it would be to do fairly fancy stuff with it.

I should mention my recent night of debauchery and fun I had at the PRESS BOX at the brand new PetCo Park. The game was terrible, but the seats were fantastic and the new park is really amazing itself. And all you could eat hot dogs, and sodas didn’t hurt. Or the near 4 foot plasma TV in the lounge for when some people decided it was too cold to watch the game outside (behind home plate no less) on the comfy rolly chairs. But if I did mention that, I might be drawn into a moment of reflection and forget I was writing this down.

Well, it is getting on toward when I should be heading to work, so I’ll leave this entry for now, though it is shorter than I would have liked.

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