portiyos is coming

yay, portiyos is coming!

wow, and I thought I was lame, you people aren’t updating very often!

So am I the only one excited about Doom 3? And sadly also entirely unable to afford it and its associated system upgrades. After seeing some stuff John Carmack has said I’m not so sure my GeForce4 MX is going to be up to the task.

I suppose I can wait a few months to buy it… see what other people have to say about how much it abuses hardware… maybe by that time the video card I’m eyeing will drop from $80 to say… $8. Heh. Right.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to get antsy due to my not having a book to read at night. I may be forced to start the Wheel of Time all over again if I can’t find something else to fill the void.

Yeah, I’m totally tired.

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