Bat Jew… Nanananana Nana Naaa… BATJEW!

There’s something nice about having a whole day where you simply do nothing.

So I got my hair cut a few days ago… its pretty short. I decided to follow the advice of the fine people at “Great Cuts” and try putting something in my hair… so now I have this waxy substance that I use to give it a messy-spikey look which I’ve gotten a few compliments on. I figure if I do it enough times it’ll just become a habit, like taking my keys with me everywhere I go.

Still no luck on getting the dual-monitor setup to work… the information I’m finding on the web is leading me to believe that nVidia motherboards (the one I’m using) only work with nVidia video cards (one of the two I’m trying to use). I’ve seen some hacks and drivers to work around it, but haven’t felt like going through quite that much effort.

I have, however, been playing with iPhoto. I only have about 90 photos in my iPhoto Library, but I’ve got them all labeled and commented. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that the comments will carry over if I send them to someone, or copy them to another comp. Hopefully someone will write a little utility to do that for me :o)

School starts… holy crap, school starts next monday! Ew. Spent $200 on books, and apparently tuition has been raised again… now its $26/unit! It was $11 just one short year ago… Thanks for leaving a lasting legacy Gray Davis. *sigh*

I hope I can do well this semester… I need to bring my GPA up… I’m taking this Unix class (a different one… “Intro to Unix”) which I’m hoping will be actually based on Unix, and not Linux. Sadly, from looking over the textbook, it looks more basic than any Unix class I’ve taken so far. So now I’m left with the dilemma. Do I take this class, when going into it I’m fairly sure I won’t learn anything, but maybe improve my GPA? Or look for another class thats more interesting/challenging? I think I’ll check the catalogue later, and see what else I might be able to take instead, just in case. There’s a video game programming class…

In closing, I want these shirts.

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