time to get ready for sk00l

Grrr. I *hate* popups. Looks like I’ll have to reinstall windows before the next LAN party…

Ok. Lately I’ve been having two simultaneous thought processes, but until recently they had been quite separate.

Thought the first was: I think I’m getting over keeping up all these fish tanks. I think it’d be easier on me if I only had one up and running. It would also cut back a little on electricity (though fish tanks don’t really use all that much).

Thought the second was: Man, chicks really really dig guys that play guitar.

I don’t really think I have any skills that members of the opposite sex would find interesting. Rarely have I stood in line for school books and heard one girl lament to another, “But his website just wasn’t w3c compliant, and the colors? Who uses red for text? I had to dump him”. And no girl has ever looked over my shoulder while at school and said, “Wow, is that perl? Hey what are you doing tonight?” The list goes on and on. Most – hell probably all – people who read this thing don’t care about HTML, Web Servers, Linux, Syllable, kioslaves, perl or graphics libraries.

And thats fine. You people already know me, and have some sliver of fondness for me, I hope. So you deal with my occasional rambling about nerdy stuff that interests me. Of course, I suppose I should say that there most certainly are girls out there who would find these sorts of things interesting, but that number is decidedly small. And it certainly is no one’s fault by my own. I simply never took the time to master another skill.

So back to guitar.

  • Fact. Chicks dig guys with guitars.
  • Fact. Merely holding a guitar in your hands raises your coolness by 20 points, but doesn’t necessarily lower your nerdness.
  • Fact. People are impressed by other people who can make music.

Now lets run down the list of known guitar players here:

  • Tristan -plays guitar, has gf
  • Tom -plays guitar, doesn’t have gf solely because he doesn’t want one
  • Kimble -plays guitar, status unknown, but could easily get many chicks
  • Steve from dorms -played guitar, got crazy laid by >3 other dormites.

It seems the decision is all too easy. Sell fish tanks. Buy guitar. Get lots of chicks.

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