Who would want the power of heart anyway

So, the other day I picked up Tres from the airport and took him to go pick up his car, at Tom’s house. This was pretty cool, cuz I hadn’t seen Tom in a while. When I mentioned that I was interested in playing guitar, his eyes lit up and he attempted to teach me a few things.

So I learned some barre chords, which are fairly hard, and a couple open chords, which are fairly easy. He started trying to teach me Bad Fish, by Sublime, but I’m not fast enough yet. If you’re familiar with the song, and you listen carefully, you can tell that its close, and I can personally tell I’m already getting better. So then Tom said, “here, borrow this guitar til you get your own”. To which I said, “sweeeet”.

So now I have a temporary guitar. It’s a Nylon 6-string Acoustic. I’d forgetten entirely about Nylon string guitars. And when I actually played this one I was surprised that I could tell the difference in the sound between steel and nylon string. Oh, and the guitar? Yeah. It’s a Royce. Yup, thats right. A Royce. Now for those of you wondering what a Royce is, it’s a guitar brand. This will probably be the first and last time you ever hear of a Royce brand guitar, even if you were to pick up a guitar tomorrow and become infused with the combined spirits of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bob Dylan (ooops, nm he’s not dead yet), and Frank Zappa (cuz in every five-man-team in which their-forces-combine in some communist idea that by giving up personal glory/power they serve a greater good, there’s always one guy who’s just kinda there cuz he’s worthless by himself [“Power of Heart”? what kind of crappy power is that?] So yeah. That’s why I put the Genius in France here.) Anyway. If you were to be infused with their combined souls tomorrow, and become the greatest guitar god(dess) EVAR, you’d still probably never hear of it, because its some no name brand.

Wow, that was a long paragraph. I still want to get my Ovation, though. I guess I’ll just need to get 3 guitars now. My Ovation, an acoustic Nylon string, and eventually an Electric ;o)

Anyways, gotta write a paper.

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