4 hours is a long time…

Note for essay: “alcohol ad. note sense of belonging.”

So. SBC shut off our internet cuz they’re dumb. Speakeasy will get ours up by friday, supposedly.

Apparently SBC’s Phone division is every bit as inept as their DSL division! It’s good to see that level of consistency.

So I called up the Speakeasy guy the day our new DSL modem arrived in the mail. He said that even though the modem made it there ok, their side isn’t set up yet. For that to happen, our phone company (which happens to be SBC) has to come out and flip some switch or something (the window where they’d come out was between 8 am and 5 pm, and someone was supposed to be there the whole time… on a fuckin tuesday). After they do their thing, they’re supposed to call Covad (Speakeasy’s DSL company, as it were) and they’re supposed to turn something on at their end.

Well, I got up Tuesday morning around 9ish, and sure enough, no internet. So now I’m wondering if SBC did something stupid.

I imagine there’s some on-off switch that says “DSL Availability” for our apartment. And all the SBC guy did was come over and flip the switch, which was set to “on”, not realizing that we still wanted DSL, just not theirs.

So I think tomorrow I’m going to call Speakeasy and see if maybe they were supposed to leave that switch alone.

Other than that, not much going on.

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