is it dropsy?


Don’t you hate it when you have a good idea… and I mean a great idea… and someone else does it first?

So after replaying through LOZ (That’s Legend of Zelda for the uninitated) a few weeks ago I decided that I really ought to write a clone. Better yet, a clone with an editor, so that one could make LOZ-style games. This was to be a goal of mine.

And those bastards even made the editor.

In other news, I live in a land of fantasy and denial, where reality is constructed from wisps of conversation and unimportant body language. But that is neither here, nor there.

Not much going on on this side… I hog tied a guy at work with duct tape… but we ran outta tape and he broke out. He has sworn revenge, and already managed to pummel me across the store after closing.

I’m actually making progress in my guitar playing. Playing barre chords doesn’t hurt after 4 strums, anymore. And my “Horse With No Name” is sounding a little better… I can switch between the two chords reliably now. Just need to work on the timing/speed of it. And I’ve started to learn Penelope, by Pinback.

It’s an odd little song, and I’m struggling with one part. See, the song doesn’t really have chords, its played just by plucking strings instead of strumming. So anyways, there’s this one part, right? in tab notation, it looks like this: “2p0h5” In english, it means “play the second fret, then pull your finger off the fret, then ‘hammer’ your fretting finger on the 5th fret’. And thats the part I’m having trouble with. Hammering is a freaking pain. You’ve gotta hit one spot on the fret board (without hitting its neighbors) and you have to do it hard enough so that it makes a sound, *and* you have to do it fast enough to be able to move to the next song. It’s challenging.

Then there’s this weird dream I had. See, Mollie, Amber and I went over to Europe. London, to be specific. We get there and find out they they’re both members of royalty! Yeah, Mollie is a Welsh Princess, and Amber is next in line to be the Queen of Belgium…. So we’re all excited, and we get to spend the night in Buckingham Palace. But for some reason they didn’t have any good rooms to give us, despite being royalty, so instead we’re given a room for the three of us about the size of the living room in my apartment… with no beds, just couches.

So we’re all crashing on our couches, and I get up off of mine in the middle of the night cuz its not very comfortable, and go lay on mollie’s couch. So I’m still trying to sleep, and I see the uhhh… Head Royal Maid? come in and stab the spot where I was laying a few minutes ago. So we all get up and flee the country, leaving a note saying we’ll return when its safe. We go back to Escondido, and the first thing we do is go to PetCo, cuz Amber has her Belgian credit card, and for some reason wants to buy a fish tank. So I sell her the most expensive fish tank we have, for $40, and one of my co-workers got all upset about it.

Oh yeah. And my JS teacher is still dumb. See, she gave us a midterm to do? Online… Open note, open book, open computer. 2 hours, you can stop at any time and pick up where you left off, with your time remaining. 33 questions, all multiple choice and T/F. It would have been hard to make this test any easier, really. Oh yeah, the questions were dumb, too. One went along the lines of:


Will Sparows fly further in a tornado or in calm weather?
_ True
_ False

Obviously, that wasn’t the question, but it was the way it was phrased.

Thats all for now, I’m gonna go eat.

Card is simply brilliant

Orson Scott Card is, without a doubt, brilliant.

In every book of his that I’ve read, there is a strong sense of…. heresy. The ideas he presents feel heartfelt… like actual personal complaints he has with God. Complaints I’ve had myself. But throughout his books, he ends up inevitably coming to the conclusions that God is indeed, Good. And the things he does truly are for the Best.

In the Enders series, its the anti-religious group, the Speakers For The Dead. They are played as being enemies of Religion. But it ends on a very serious religious note – God is everywhere, and not always in ways you’d think.

Then the Homecoming series with its characters who quite openly defy the only concept of a God that they have, railing against it for its seeming apathy, and then again for the way it selected individuals above others, and finally for its inadequacy. And then they learn the truth, that God is real and that he loves his people, but not enough to keep them from being who they are, even if it means they stray from his path.

And all the while he creates characters with such depth… you get so attached to them, that when they fail, you feel their grief and their shame. When they succeed, you rejoice with them. All the while you keep turning pages, until the nearly 500 page book you just started is over. And its 5 in the morning.

le sigh.

Had a good time with Melinda tonight. Been a while since we hung out last. It always seems like we’re better friends the more time we actually spend together, physically. It’s when we try to keep in touch online or with phones that it starts to suck. All the more reason she should try to start hanging out with me and my friend. Alexis, too, for that matter.

Anyways, its late.

anyway, shush mollie

ok, so that last entry was part of an analogy.

so like. see. it goes like this. I was reading this article about a 4 wheeled, Segway. But I was perplexed – they engineered the segway so that it was made to not fall over. Why put 4 wheels on it?

So then we were talking about how George Bush was the only person I’d ever heard of that had fallen off of one. So of course, I had to explain that it was possible to fall off of one, but it was made so that it wouldn’t tip over of its own accord. So I explained its like a ball – you can’t really tip over a ball, but you can fall off of one if you really want to.