tres’ turn

Since tres is a slacker, and doesn’t have his own journal, he asked me to put this on mine. So here’s Tres’ 15 songs.

  • “I’ll sing for you, if you want me to. I’ll give to you. And it’s a chance I’ll have to take, and it’s a chance I’ll have to break.”
  • “I’ve been leaving on my things, so in the morning when the morning bird sings, there’s still dinner on my dinner jacket ’til the dinner bell rings” this ones for you, bill… and maybe tristan
  • “Walking down the street, distant memories are buried in the past forever” i think i chose about the most unrecognizable line for this song..
  • “I take a look and I wonder why, why these birds don’t fly”
  • “Climb aboard, strap yourself in, and wait for the ride of life to begin” if anyone not named tristan or dana gets this one, i will seriously be amazed
  • “Somewhere I have heard this before, in a dream of memory restored” hah! try to guess this one now, bill!
  • “The hate you feel is nothing more than love you feel to win this war” look at the comment to 5
  • “But I know that I’m ok, ’cause you’re here with me today. I haven’t got a single problem now that I’m with you” if anyone besides my mother gets this one, they win.
  • “You don’t understand who they thought I was supposed to be. Look at me now a man Who won’t let himself be”
  • “Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond… Call me what you will!” wow… back in the day…
  • “You love to pretend that you’re good, when you’re always up to no good. You really can’t make him hate her so your tongue became a razor.”
  • “She is like a cat in the dark and then she is the darkness. She rules her life like a fine skylark and then the sky is starless” you’ve got this one, bill
  • “Best, you’ve got to be the best. You’ve got to change the world, and use this chance to be heard”
  • “We arrive at this place of no return, my brothers, only to discover that our minds have led us away so far from the painful truth off who we are”
  • “Lovely legs there are. what a big black mass, what a hunk of love. Walk her every day into a shady place. He’s like the dark, but I’d want him.” another bill song

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