Totally worth it

And thus ends the near week of strange dreams. Have I ever mentioned that my cats are stupid? They both got out last night and they both went about 10 feet away. And last night Tyler was trying to find a way around Tres, so he tried to go through the bars on our dining room chairs… except he’s a fat ass and couldn’t fit much more than a leg… so he eventually gave up and just laid down.

We actually played D&D last night… and for the first time ever in a game I’ve played, there was more girls than guys. Clare, her roommate Diana, and Dana all made characters (elven ranger, cleric, and gnome rogue, respectively…. show of hands, who’s surprised Dana picked a Gnome?). Tres made a human fighter. Despite gaming again being Tristan’s idea, he didn’t play.. bah. It was definitely good times, though, especially since none of them have ever played before.

I’ve had this picture up on a tab in my webbrowser for about a week now. I just can’t bring myself to close it. For the curious. I don’t know why, but it strikes me that there is something about this picture… some deeper meaning I can’t quite grasp. I’ll admit it, I’ve spent more than 10 minutes at a time looking at it. Ok. I’ve closed it now. And set it as my wallpaper. Wow, ok, now I was just straring at my desktop. Ok. Yeah.

Well, I’ve got to be getting to work now. 8 hour shift and what not. Oy. Up til 4:30 last night. Worth it.

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