stupid kinkos

One shouldn’t be required to make decisions this close to one’s girlfriend coming home.

And whats up with managers not able to read applications?

“Do you still work at PetCo currently?”

No, of course not, I wrote on that application that I was fired, and that was over, what, 3 weeks ago?

Am I asleep or awake?

In my dreams I see myself hitting a baseball
In a green field somewhere near a freeway
I’m all tan and smiling and running from third base
And it’s hot and the kids keep on playing the driving game
And they’re singing the same goddamn refrain
And the sky is a blueish grey.

-Rilo Kiley, My Slumbering Heart

I swear there’ll be another update here today or tomorrow.

The ocean breathes salty…

Won’t you carry it in?

So Petco fired me. Yeah. Woulda been three years in about a week. I figured that warrants a new page, since I haven’t moved. I haven’t updated in a while, but its not really cuz there hasn’t been anything going on.

Like right now for instance. I’ve got Eireann over here, we just got back from getting kicked off the beach. Apparently in Oceanside, you’re not supposed to be on the beach after 11pm. (…) Anyway. We went to see The Laramie Project today at Palomar, since Mollie is in it. It was pretty good… about as sad as I figured it would be. If you don’t know what The Laramie Project is, or you don’t know who Matthew Shepard was, you should take a moment to read those links and educate yourself. It’s ok, I’ll wait. Just lemme know when you’re done.

Hmmm. Doo do doo…. Oh, ok you’re back. So anyway, after the play, we were supposed to all go to the beach. And we did. Except when we got there the police were arresting this guy who was crazy/drunk/on drugs and were clearing the beach, because, as I said before, no one is supposed to be on it after 11pm.

Anyway. So I’m starting work at “Rock n Jenny’s” on Wednesday. We’ll see how it works out. Other than that though, I’ve been good. Crazy shit abounds, though. For example, my Dad’s gonna be a Daddy again. That’s fairly crazy. I believe he said the expected due date was in November? He also decided to randomly buy me a new computer, which I promptly installed Half-Life 2 on, and beat twice within a week. It’s a pretty sweet machine. An Athlon 64 3000+, 512MB RAM, PCI-E GeForce 6600GT, dual onboard gigabit Ethernet, and a CD-R/RW,DVD+-RW/DualLayer. Yeah, I can burn a full length DVD (4.5 gigs, or ~6+ CDs) in about… 7 minutes. It’s what Apple (they’re also in the newest G5’s) internally calls a SuperDuperDrive, which amused me to no end, and I think Amber will appreciate, but I’m not sure anyone else will get.

There’s been other cool happenings and goings on lately, but mostly I’m super excited about Clare coming home, cuz I miss her lots.

Let’s see… what else. I’ve been hanging out with Matt (from my Cisco class, which is also going well) a bit lately, he’s a pretty cool dude. Chris and I taught him Mao. Now, I say “Chris and I” not because we both explained the rules – oh no. No I say that because, I taught him the rules, and Chris simply enforced them with a kind of vigor that you might expect from a cat jumping upon a three legged mouse. So in that regard, Chris definitely helped in the teaching. It was like playing with Amber. Only at least Amber had the decency to make an attempt to hide her evil smiles. Chris displayed his shit-eating grin for the whole world to see. We also taught Eireann, last night.

I’ve been playing a lot of Age of Wonders lately. I can now remember why that game is so bad for you. You just sit down and take a turn, right. But its a strategy game, so you’re usually at least thinking a few turns in advance. Build these units, send them here, cast this spell… a lot of that can take more than one turn to see the results. So you sit down to take your turn, only… now you’re waiting for stuff to happen. So you go ahead and take another turn. In which you build more units, cast other spells, and maybe send some units to capture a town. Well, now you’ve got a bunch more units to send out, and even a new town to do stuff with. So you can’t stop there, cuz you’ve been sorta planning on getting that new town, and doing some stuff with the gold you get from it. So you make a few upgrades, maybe start to make some new units… which takes another turn or two. Might as well wait to get one of those new units to see what it can do, and oh, it looks like that new unit might come in handy at that town over there.. lets send that new unit to that tow-OH MY GOD IT’S 2 IN THE MORNING?! Or in the case of one game Tres and I were playing together late one night. “Dude, look at the window. Is that the fucking sun?” It’s not that turns take a long time, cuz usually they don’t. It’s just you lose track of the time. What’s amusing (and odd, I’ve never seen another game that has this) is that the game actually has a system clock built-in on the main screen. So really you shouldn’t lose track of the time, cuz its right there.

I suppose thats enough of an update for now, seeing as how “some” is better than the “none” that’s been up lately. I think I might add some stuff to the left side there.

In my dreams, I see you asleep on a twin bed, the covers pulled up over your head. Am I asleep or awake? -Rilo Kiley