Have the day off today, so I’ve been hacking away at dbot.pl

I’ve managed to tag a couple bugs, and add a couple features

First of all, you can now private message dbot to roll dice, outside of the channel. It PM’s you back with the result, and also sends it to the DM, as well. Second, it ‘highlights’ natural 1’s by putting the roll in “”‘s. If you can think of a better way to highlight the ‘natural’ numbers, without using IRC color or bold, let me know. Those are the biggest features you’ll notice.
It can now also join new channels, change nicknames and forward messages from the DM (why? who knows, it was easy to implement)

Fixed bugs:
Dbot no longer lets you input numbers over 3 digits (>999). Actually, its been this way since I started it; essentially if you rolled 1234d1234 it would give you the result of 123d123. Now it just stares at you blankly and says nothing. If you can give me a good reason to raise this number (999), go ahead, but there’s gotta be a cap somewhere, and I can’t see ever needing a number that high anyway.

Bugs I’m currently working on:
There’s one bug I’m working on right now, its kind of weird. When you are rolling multiple dice (eg. 6d20) dicebot will let you type 6d20d21. The result is the same, it only rolls the first dN, and I doubt anyone would ever accidentally type Z#dXdY. But its annoying enough that I’m working on it anyway.
Next, there’s one that I’m not sure is a bug. If you roll 2d1+2, your result is 6. This means that dbot is rolling (d1+2)+(d1+2)=6 But you might have actually meant roll 2d1, then add 2 to the result. In which case the answer should be 4, not 6. The trouble is, is this behavior actually incorrect? Again, you guys should let me know what you think.

Help system (“dbot, what’s a hide check consist of?”).
Initiative tracker (who’s turn; when does that bless spell wear off again?
Campaign tracker (dbot, what are the names of the important NPC’s we’ve met, and why are they important?)
Finishing the Math section.
Anything else?

Let me know if we’ve talked about something and I forgot it, or if you have another good idea.

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