blast from the past

So I’m opening at work the yesterday. First customer of the day? No fucking shit, its CHP Officer Joe Wolf, the guy who pulled me over for speeding down the 15 a few years ago (when I got 2 speeding tickets in 2 days). When he pulled me over he gave me quite the verbal beating, calling me all kinds of stupid and swearing and all that jazz… then he didn’t turn in the ticket he wrote for me, sparing me from having a speeding ticket on my record and paying another what $200?

He was a pretty nice guy though.. very friendly… And he certainly (unsurpisingly) didn’t recognize me, but I definitely recognized him as soon as I looked up and saw his face and his name…

dbot stuff: Init subsystem has basic functionality… meaning it catches player rolls and sorts them in descending order. Basically it works like this now:

Db: DM has called for Initiative! Round: 1
P1: !d20+3
Db: P1, d20+3: 8
P2: !d20+5Db:
P2, d20+5: 23
P3: !d20-2
Db: P3, d20-2: -1
DM: end init
Db: Initiative rolling is now over for round: 1!
Db: Initiative order is: [ P2(23), P1(8), P3(-1) ]
DM: INIT next
Db: DM has called for Initiative!  Round: 2

….. etc.

If you have any input as to making it look more clear [do you like the Name(#) notation?], email me. Upcoming functionality for this subsystem includes adding (or removing) an Init roll after “end init” has been called and resorting. Also planned is support for multiple init rolls (like when I roll for 10 kobolds)… which I’m trying to think of the best way to handle. For example do I want it to just say Kobolds`(#) 10 sorted times? Because how do we keep track of which kobold is which? Not that we (I) always do the best job at keeping track now… but I don’t want to miss an oppurtunity to do it the Right Way, if I can.

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