why can’t I breathe….

So maybe you know. Or maybe you don’t. More than likely if you’re reading this you know, though. Anyways, what you may or may not know is that we’re moving. Soon. Much sooner than we thought, even. As in, we were planning on moving mid September…. but now its lookin more like Tuesday, instead. So its this really nice place. It’s called the Villaggio, and it looks just like the pictures.

You should totally come over and check it out. Well, actually you should wait til we move in. What’s going to be lame is changing phone numbers and (for me at least) changing email addresses….. again.

Oh yeah, I’ll be changing my email address cuz we’re getting DSL instead of cox! Sweetness. Of course, since its DSL, g0d` only knows when it’ll be actually installed… DSL companies don’t have the best track record for installing stuff on time…

So that’s fairly big news. More on that as we get it done. Feel free to help us move ;o)

What else? Let’s see…. Spent a lot of time with Melinda this past week. Which is totally cooler than words can express. I enjoy every minute I spend with her.

We need not get into that, though.

Oh. So this weekend was spent at Dad’s with Mollie and Chris. Good times. So far most of it has been spent watching movies. We attempted to go to Magic Mountain today, but we didn’t really think that plan through very thoroughly. You see, as you probably know, theme parks are busier on weekends. They’re also busy during the summer. Not to mention being busy during holidays. Add them all together and you get Labor Day Weekend – possibly one of the busiest weekends of the year.

So we go to MM. Spent approximately 3 hours in the hot hot heat waiting in line for one ride. That one 30 second ride. I was in favor of immediate departure. It only took a small amount of discussion to realize that (to varying degrees) I wasn’t alone.

So we left, came back here, and watched more movies. We’ve rented something like 10 movies this weekend. 12 Monkeys is as good as I’ve heard. Though not as confusing as most people made it out to be.

I’ve spent a lot of this weekend writing perl/cgi. perl/cgi is basically a programming language adapted to run programs on the internet. Anytime you fill out a form, pay your bills, post something on a message board you are using something similar to perl/cgi (you could use a few other languages, but perl is a common choice). So thats what I’ve been doing… writing a program that lets you order ice cream online (not really, of course, its just a practice setup, so don’t expect a link to buy ice cream on this site in the future).

Anyway, its about 2 am now, so I’m going to watch some more TV with dad, and hit the hay.