Fsck yeah, math was canceled today. That’s what I’m fsckin talkin about. No kindergarten calculus teacher today!

I also found out today that my first homework in my CS237 class is due on… no… lemme quote the webpage, it’ll be funnier that way. And I do quote:


CS237, FALL 2002

Due: 11-8-02 Friday (a couple days later will be OK)

teehee! A couple days later… thats precious. He wrote the actual code for the assignment ON THE BOARD IN CLASS, and we can turn it in “a couple days later”. I love this teacher. If you ever have to take a CS class take it with Ivan Bajic.

So since math was canceled, I’ve still got a couple more hours to kill til I get to my CS class… I’ll probably try some programming stuff or something.

In the meantime, ttfn

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