So on Wednesday Tres, Tris, Mollie and I all cruised up the state to Valencia to my dad’s house… the Whulianers fell asleep on the way up, and Mollie nodded off once or twice, but all in all, it was a good trip with little in the way of traffic.

Thanksgiving was good…. LAN-gaming aplenty…. gonna have to have a LAN party at Tres’ some time this winter or something…

And then there was Turkey! But even better – Turkey sandwiches! But wait! No Mustard! They were out of mustard *tear*. Oh well. Still good.

Then came the 31 game. I won’t say much except for: MOTHERFASOVASODGWORJJ@@#$!@%!#R!#%!@^@@@@@.

I lost.

The way back from Valencia on Friday was freaky “as all get out”. It was raining like water was going outta style. We almost got gibbed by lightning (well, not really, but it was hella close).

And then we randomly decided to stop by Fry’s (yeah, not gonna link to that site cuz it is possibly the worst website for a business, ever. It has nothing useful on it.) on the way home and now we have a DVD player…. a nice APEX AD-1600. Plays DVD’s, audio CD’s, CD-R’s, CD-RW’s, Mp3 CDs, VCDs, even JPEG’s in a slideshow kind of format. Nifty. Now if only Mollie’s family would send a CD that had more than just the same 12 pics on it, repeated a couple dozen times, it’d be great.

So I bought the special edition LOTR (which kicks ass) and got Mollie Three To Tango.

In the meantime, though, I have to get food and shower, so I’ll add to this a bit more later.

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