Interesting turn of events.

So I got two tickets, right? Well, the first ticket had to be taken care of by June 17th. Thats today. The second ticket I never even checked the date on it, I figured it was after the first. I was, apparently, mistaken. It was due June 4th. Normally, this would have been a very bad thing, and there would in fact be a warrant out for my arrest. But when I went to the courthouse yesterday, the clerk told me there was never any ticket filed. Officers have up to a year to file a ticket, but generally if they don’t do it in the first month or two, they don’t bother, she says.

So….. I may or may not have to pay the 2nd ticket. But either way, its out of my hands at this point. The other one I got a continuation on until July 17th. So if I go to traffic school for that one, neither will appear on my record. So thats nice. Gotta go to work now, later.

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