New home, new page.

So I sit here. And I sit some more. Thinking. Wondering. For those of you not in ‘the know’, I met a girl. Well, thats actually not entirely accurate. See, I met the girl a while ago… waay back… well, I don’t remember exactly when, but it was after I started working at the Petco in Escondido. We’ll call it 8 months.

Anyway, Savannah had a crush on me for a while, though I was still in Melinda-land. And when I wasn’t in Melinda-land I wasn’t really looking. Well, Melinda-land seems so far in the past now, even though it was really only like a month ago when I told her I liked her. She of course, did not reciprocate said feelings. Which is ok. Really, I was very upset at the time, but it was mostly due to feeling like I made a fool of myself.

Fast forward a bit. About two weeks ago. Savannah comes into Petco a lot still, even though she doesn’t work there. She always comes to see me, too. She still likes me. So she comes in:

“Hey, you, how you doin?”

“I’m good. I turn 18 in a week! And I’m moving to North Carolina in a few weeks.”

“Wow. Finally turning 18? Have you made plans yet?”

“No, none of the people I live with have made any plans or anything…”

And so the gears started turning. At first it was just a “well, that kinda sucks, who wants to be alone with nothing to do on their 18th bday party? I’ll take her out and we’ll at least have fun”. So I got her number. We talked on the phone for like an hour, then I got her screen name. We’ve talked both on the phone and online every day since.

And then one amazing wednesday, I picked her up, and brought her back here. We talked. We kissed. We laughed. We made love. It was nothing like what I’d thought it would be. It wasn’t some horny, mad, erotic thing… it was… just… fun. All the more so because I had no idea what I was doing, and we were just so totally into each other. And after a while, we just sorta laid back, talking, laughing, holding each other.

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