a long day

I’m at dad’s. San Diego is a giant furnace. I don’t know if chris has been evac’d or not, I tried his cell, which got me to a voicemail. Tres and Kyle are safely in Julian at Kyle’s parents house. Mollie and Thorin are staying the night at her aunts near Camp Pendleton. Anyway, all my family (and the cats and the rat) is ok, I hope you can say the same for yours.

Chelle. I got your email. It meant a lot to me. I know you live in poway… I hope your family is doing ok. I’ll email or call you later. I seriously didn’t mean to come off like a dick but I missed the friendship we had. I actually had assumed you moved to Chicago, just based on your last diary entry.

I’m tired. I had a long worryful day. I’ll be here for most of tomorrow, I’m sure. For now I’m just going to spend some time with my dad, and enjoy the company.

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