Ok, so I’m a bad person. And not just cuz I haven’t had a real update in a while.

I want to break up with Savannah. I’ve sort of wanted to for a while. Well a week or so. Things just… aren’t… the same. She hasn’t seemed as into it. The relationship I mean. The last week she was here, she didn’t even seem all that eager to come over. But… I dunno. She is living in North Carolina now. 3000 miles away. Without a phone line. Without a computer. How is that supposed to work out? I told Melinda the other day, that I’m not sure I want to put the effort into it. She raised a good point – If its an effort, than its already not going to work. If it was going to work, than I wouldn’t have to put any kind of effort into it at all.

She called me yesterday from her sisters Cell (our only means of communication). First time I’ve talked to her since she left. And I just… wasn’t feeling it. I could be her friend. But I can’t see a relationship lasting in this situation.

She misses me. But she didn’t have to leave. Ya know? She could have moved in with me. She could have moved in with a friend. She could have ya know… stayed. Just to see. Instead she’s sitting in her sisters house, bored out of her mind. Not even starting school until January. And now I don’t even want her to.

So I need to break up with her. But ugh…. that sooo sucks. Breaking up with someone you were so into just a month ago.

Anyway. So, lameness aside. Amber and her friend Katie are here! We’re watching TV, sort of. Katie’s pretty cool…. seems pretty nerdy too.

I’m pretty tired. So I dunno. Maybe I’ll go to sleep soon, I dunno, amber doesn’t want me to and she’s currently poking me, asking for it in return.

Anyway, I’ll add more later

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