this one makes sense

I guess my last entry didn’t make sense…. I wrote it after a night at Chili’s with a few drinks ;o)

Note: Ultimate Electric Lemonades at Fridays are good. Especially cuz they’re big and blue.

And the reason the title says “His name is Robert” is cuz in diaryland, you type the title of your entry after you type the entry. I couldn’t think of a title, so I moved the last sentence to the title. So my rubberband ball’s name is Robert. Named after Robert Palson

Anyway. I’m going to the fair tomorrow, its going to suck!

Today though, I’m playing with SDL, which is kinda cool, cuz its a programming API (non-techie approximation… think of a recipe for food. Now think of a book that describes what an egg is, and the difference between beating it, scrambling it, whipping it, or mixing it… thats pretty much what an API is.) that makes it easy to draw things on the screen or move sprites or icons around on the screen. It’s also teaching me about C++ classes, which is cool.

Mollie’s outta town, so that pretty much means that Chevy’s just really bored. Me n Chris took her to play tennis a couple days ago, but aside from running around with the kids on bikes, she wasn’t too into it.

Oh. Thought this was nice… Apparently a recent Internet Explorer hole has gotten a lot of press, and the Department of Homeland Security has recommended people switch from IE to an alternate browser… then a day or two later gave a press release saying that they’ve switched to Mozilla themselves! Not Netscape, but Mozilla. Thats impressive. To me. But everyone else probably doesn’t care.

In other news, work has put Dan in charge of the Saltwater side of Fish, and its totally gone to his head and he’s totally turning into an asshole. For some reason he thinks he’s in charge now…

I had a dream about Christine last night… for some reason I was in Sacramento, walking around and she just happened to be there, so I said whats up and then left… I think its cuz this new girl at work looks a lot like her.

Ok, well, I just installed the newest version of Slackware (kernel 2.6.7, w00t) so I’m gonna go get it all setup

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