your mom has salty eyes

Ok…. soo…. updates n stuff. Lotsa interes^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hstuff has happened since my last update!

For instance, I finally had my bake-a-thon! It turned out pretty well, overall. I didn’t get to make all the recipes I’d brought, but thats alright, the stuff we made turned out alright. We started off with the uber-moist chocolate/peanut butter -chip cookies, which weren’t supposed to spread much. Well, turns out they do. A lot. So the first batch ended up as two huge (well, cookie sheet sized) cookies, with burnt edges. The next couple batches turned out good, though still not quite as soft as I would have liked…. guess they just cooked too long. Then we started up the Ultimate Cheesecake, which turned out a little too soft, but still tasted quite good… Timmay took the whole thing home (minus about a slice). Then we started the Cinnamon Apple Crisps, which we were afraid weren’t being made right, but actually turned out excellent… close to perfection, I’d say.

Then it was onto the main course – Fajitas! I was quite proud of the fajitas… and surprised we were able to feed as many people as we did. I had planned on five – Clare’s family plus me – and we ended up with those five, and what seemed like almost another five, though I can only recall David, Heather, and Tres, so I’m probably quite wrong. Anyway, the cooking turned out to be a success, and Clare’s mom seemed impressed, which made me happy. Then we watched movies… Benny and Joon, and Almost Famous, the director’s cut. Good movies. Still didn’t get to watch Memento. Good times anyway, though. After the movies, Clare, David and I just sorta hung out in the living room, with David playing a bit of guitar. Then after a while he left, and Clare and I just sort of wound up laying down talking on the floor in the living room for a few hours. Well, it was probably mostly me just babbling, but thats ok. Then the next morning we went and hiked up to this nice view in Julian that she called Upper Meadow. It was a good hike up and back over barbed wire and fallen trees and stuff…. and abandoned mines we didn’t get to explore. Then she went to tea, and then she came back and gave me my Christmas present. Two books, one of which I finished in almost one night and was very excellent, the other I haven’t had a chance to start yet. I got her a rose made out of Legos, and something else, which she hasn’t received yet.

I think that’s all for tonight… I’ll update some more about other stuff tomorrow. I should never be allowed to drink coffee when I’m tired… it just makes me more tired.

In the meantime, I’ll be pondering about implementing a color-selector in CGI, using perl, CSS, and maybe a splash of Javascript for a couple of fancy frills. I think its possible… I just need to ponder it to figure out the best way to do it.

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