I’ve got no idea.

I’m in Valencia. Clare is right…… here… actually she’s right over there, ——->

She wants to say hi, hang on a sec, here she is.


Apparently that’s all she has to say. Though she swears she’s enjoying herself here. She’s awesome.

Anyway. We just finished watching The Day After Tomorrow. Er… Lance… Wtf? I… uhh. Yeah. It’s one of those movies that makes you sit back and wonder – “Just what is the speed of cold, anyway?”

We did just watch The Color of Paradise, though. It’s a good flick. Here’s Clare’s take on it:


Actually, she says she might have more to say later. I guess you’ll just have to ask her yourself.

Oh! So yeah. We’re driving from Whulian to Valencia right? Yeah. And it seems like the ride is a little more bumpy than I recall. Well. See. It turns out that my tire had a big gaping hole in the top layer, and the top layer was starting to come off. Two and a half hours and seventy bucks later, we were on our way again. The trip took 6 hours when you factor in the sitting around time. Wheee. It was alright though. The company was pretty good.

So I got an iPod for Christmas from my dad! It’s pretty freaking cool. 40 gigs. I think I’ll have to get an FM transmitter for it, so I can use it as a stereo in my car on long trips.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I guess I’ll add more later… I still have some stuff to write about from Christmas! Yeah.

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