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Well, well… Been a couple days, and it looks like everyone’s updated their journals but me… As usual, though, life moves slowly. Not much ever changes for me, but lets see what little things did happen in the past couple days.

So yeah, I’m screwed as far as San Marcos in the spring goes, but now I’m looking into the prospect of transferring there in the fall of next year, and taking some classes at Palomar in the spring. They actually offer some really cool sounding classes in CS – besides offering the usual JC classes in Word, XP, and Visual Basic, they also offer classes in Perl, SQL, Game Design, TCP/IP Programming, Unix, Advanced Networking, Hardware Repair – and these aren’t just classes in the catalogue… they’re all offered this coming spring semester! Definitly interesting…

In other college news, I got my 2nd ever SDSU Offical Parking Ticket on Halloween. Didn’t have my parking permit displayed. Bastards. Also, turns out I was right all along… my math teacher *is* dumb. She gave us a test that was about 45 minutes too long, then basically told us all it was our problem. Gee thanks. Found out she used to teach Elementary school before teaching at SDSU. Shocking. I was dumbfounded. It was all I could do to not burst out laughing. Her words: “I’m sure some of you will be surprised, but I actually taught elementary school before coming here.” Yeah. Big surprise there. *sigh*

Work was interesting today. And yesterday for that matter. One thing I really don’t like is when people don’t do their job. Juan seems to be more guilty of this than most. Today Juan was in fish, reading a book on Home Electrical Wiring. While I cleaned, misted, watered, bagged, and basically did everything he should have been doing. Then when our inventory came in, I had to go do that, so I left. Generally people take lunch in the order of who’s been there the longest that day. So Juan comes in at 4:30, an hour after myself and Holly, and 4 hours after Lyndsey, notices that we don’t have a regular Manager On Duty (it was Amber subbing in) so he takes advantage of the situation and asks to go on lunch… before the rest of us. Amber lets him, not knowing.

That was a tad rude, but not what bothered me. What bothered me was that when he went on lunch, he was supposed to send *me* to fish… but instead he sent Jerry. Jerry is a very nice guy who is mentally handicapped that works at PetCo. Loves working in Fish. Is, unfortunately, terrible at it. So rather than doing his job and finding me to send me to Fish, he finds Jerry and sends him. Like I said, Jerry isn’t meant for fish. About 10 minutes after Juan goes on lunch I get called there by Amber (who just found out that Juan never sent me) to go there. And I found about 20 customers irate because Jerry was getting the wrong fish, not bagging them tightly so that they leaked, dropping fish and accidently stepping on them, and all sorts of other unpleasant things. Chaos. All because Juan just doesn’t care. Frustrating. Oh, and he also left an hour early, leaving me to finish closing fish.

Anyways. Halloween sure had its fair share of retarded customers…. from they guy who wanted 600 small crickets in a used (but empty) 2 liter of diet coke (with no lid) cuz he was driving to Mexicali (and a bag would most certainly not be good enough for that, apparently) to the guy who wanted live food for his super fish that was the end all be all of fish with millions of stories about said fish to back that claim up. He had me bag up 30 or so baby snails (the size of the head of a nail) and 10 baby molly’s (bout twice that size, and hella fast). He took about 30 minutes of time to handle. It wasn’t busy, but like I told Mollie and Chelle later, “It was like someone had left the moron faucet on… but just at a trickle.”

Highlight of the night at work was definitly a little girl in a fairy costume coming in.

Judy: “Oh, look what we have here!”

Barbara: “I see a little fairy in our store!”

Josh (*feigned outrage*): “Excuse me, Barbara?”

Just about died laughing. In case you aren’t aware, Josh is gay. Now reread that short snippet again and tell me that isn’t fscking hilarious.

Anywho, time to watch a movie! “From Hell”

Night all.

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