begin rant

It’s election day – so if you’re the voting type don’t forget to do so! Most of you are Californians, though, and even if you do vote you’re probably not quite sure which is the lesser of two evils (lol, that one is funny) (Bill Simon or current governor Gray “Gay” Davis). Well stop worrying about it! They’re both Evil! (or at least inept) Why not look into voting for Peter Camejo (who is actually doing fairly well, despite being Green) or even Art Olivier (a write-in) if you’re feeling a little Libertarian (click on that link, the prospective Lt. Governor’s picture has him with his Ferret and their Sec of State is a B&W photo, lol).

I guess I’ll I’m trying to say is this: If you look around at politics, and all you see is scum, stop looking at just the Republicrats and start looking around; there’s other options.

End Rant

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