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May sucks.

I had a long day today.

I had Melinda call me at 6 this morning to wake me up so that I didn’t sleep through our “mandatory meeting” that we had at work today. Waste of time. the Meeting that is. By the way, if you’ve ever called me early in the morning, you’ll know I’m completely unaware of anything, so things usually need to be spelled out for me… then drawn. Then explained after a hot shower and at least 10 minutes to stare blankly at my email til I’m actually conscious.

Afterward, Melinda and I went to coffee. Which was good. Then to Target, which was random. Then I said, “Let’s got to the Wild Animal Park” and she said “ok”. Well, the whole process was a little more involved than all of that, but basically, yeah.

We didn’t really do much at the park… we went on the monorail, then got our Super Nachos on, then went on the monorail again. We had fun though. At the end of the second monorail trip, she was pratically falling asleep, so we started to head home (the park was closing anyway). Right around then lack of sleep must have sunk in, cuz she started getting a little punchy, but it was pretty funny. *ahem*title*cough*.

Anyway, I came home and crashed like a Ford Pinto with no polyethylene shields. Then mollie woke my ass up and we went and saw “Saved!”

Basically, its a satyrical comedy about a religious girl, at a religious school, with religious friends who scorn her when she gets pregnant. The moral is that organized religion is not what religion should be all about, cuz its about… well… God.

Macaulay Culkin (yes, you read that right) practically steals the show with a scene where his character is in his wheelchair with a cup and a sign that says “Will Dance For Food”. The same character that hooks up with the only Jewish girl a the all Christian school. They have some pretty good lines, but his are great.

There was one good one between him, his sister’s friend and his sister.

Friend: You should be thankful that your sister wasn’t born in some heathen country like China where they would kill her at birth!

Sister: Yeah, where would you be then? (without her to help him)

Him: China?

All in all though, the flic was pretty good. The first 10 minutes or so kinda made me grimace, but it does get better. Worth seeing, as long as you don’t get offended easily.

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