Oh yeah, bonfire this sunday.

So I’ve been asked a couple times why I said “May sucks”. Well, its fairly easy. May was a crappy month. Guy died. I failed my history class. I almost lost my job. Twice. Mollie almost lost hers. It all just put me in a mood where I didn’t want to write, and I didn’t want to talk to anyone who wasn’t directly in front of me (which is why I was almost never on aim, either).

Oddly (or perhpas not so oddly) the less I wanna write, the more I wanna code. So I’ve begun working on a script (in perl) which will split up the contents of my entries (currently 5 long files) into hundreds of separate little files, each containing a post, a date, a title, and maybe one or two other things.

I also managed to finally get this computer configured to run Apache, a kick ass open source webserver (MacOSX comes with a version of Apache built in). I’ve also got it auto-updating at dyndns.com, so that whenever my computer’s IP address changes, a little script I have sends the new IP address to dyndns.com, which then changes bobthecowboy.is-a-geek.net to point to my computer again. Eventually thats where this diary is going to be. Right now its just a mockup. Let me know if it looks funky on your browser.

Which leads me to another project: my CMS and Blog. CMS stands for Content Management System, a fancy term for ‘program that lets you add new diary entries, and sort through your old ones’, and a Blog is just an online web log, or a diary.

Then I have another project. I want to remake Castle of the Winds. Although, not an exact remake. I really just want to make a game thats a 2d tile based game, with a kind of dnd backend to handle combat. I actually managed to get ahold of the original creator of Castle (who, incidentally has given the game to the public domain, and so its free for all to download and play). Anyway, I’ve always wanted to make a simple game, and what could be more simple than a game engine that just moves a bunch of flat icons around? Guess we’ll find out, heh.

Anyway. Back to my journal splitter.

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