Damn 7 AM wakeup calls

So it’s the first day of classes. Strangely enough, we can see the CSU students in their rooms, only a street away. I make a joke, somewhat to myself, but outloud about how uncomfortable those seats look, compared to ours. A girl standing nearby that I’ve never met before chuckles. I smile at her and as she turns her head to talk to someone else.

Finally the teacher shows up, and lets us in. Everyone goes to pick a seat, and I consider sitting next to the girl. But then I notice she’s still talking with the other girl from outside, and it sounds like they kind of know each other. And yes, they’re picking seats at the end of the row. So I go to pick a seat more towards the other end of the room, then I turn around, and she left a seat open at the very end. So I say what the hell, and go sit down next to her.

She’s still talking to her friend, and it kinda seems like they know each other, but probably wouldn’t like each other. The friend seems to disagree with whatever the girl is saying. So they stop talking and the girl faces forward.



The teacher butts in, “Alright, class will begin now.”

“I’m Bill.”


“There will be no talking.”

So its going to be one of those classes. And sure enough, we’ve got a quiz. She hands us all sheet of printer paper, then turns the overhead projector on and waits, staring at the clock. I look at the girl like ‘wtf?’ and she shrugs. So I just start copying stuff down. The she switches overheads, and its the same overhead, but all the information I just copied down is now being asked in questions.

The girl is lost. I’m not doing much better, either. She keeps asking me questions, in a sarcastic manner, about the questions on the quiz. I tell her the answers, but she doesn’t write them down. She looks at my quiz, quite blatantly, but doesn’t copy my answers, just makes silly comments about them.

Class ends. She invites me over to her house. She’s got Soul Calibur 2 on GameCube, and thinks she can play Seung Mina better than me. So we go to her house to play the afternoon away. We talk and I fix her computer. At the end of the night, during a shy, quiet moment, she kisses me. And thats when I remember my other dreams. And I know that she’s the one I kept seeing. Then I realize that I still didn’t see her face, or get her name.

*ring* *ring*

“Hey, wake up call, dude. Don’t be late to work, so they don’t have to fire your ass.”

“Thanks Greg.”

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